Broadway actor Bryan Terrell Clark will perform at BYU-Idaho on Valentine’s Day. He’ll talk to the audience about the how passion leads to purpose and he will share his story from being in Baltimore to Broadway through song.  

They can expect a real journey. I’m going to force myself to be very vulnerable,” he said.  

Clark had the opportunity to perform in Motown the Musical where he portrayed Marvin Gaye, and in Hamilton as George Washington. 

Oddly enough, he didn’t enjoy musicals before he become a Broadway actor. He said it was confusing to him that actors would sing. It wasn’t until his friend, who is a well-know Broadway actor, Billy Porter, explained to him why actors sing.  

“The reason why people are singing is because the stakes are so high between these two people, or whatever is going on within this person. The stakes are so high that words are no longer announced, so to communicate it has to come out in song,” he said.  

This explanation made so much sense to him that his attitude changed toward musicals. He went to see Rent the Musical and it changed his life. Both of his big roles he has portrayed actual people. He said it makes it more realistic when you are doing the research to better understand your character.  

“You kind of have to let go of the idea of needing to meet anyone else’s expectations and play the character with as much integrity based on the research you have and even more importantly the function that they have in the piece you are playing,” he said.  

He advises actors and musicians to be as disciplined by learning to work early and being proficient during rehearsals. He said this is the key to being prepared when you get into the industry. The second advice is to be your authentic self.  Once you understand how to be yourself and quit worrying how to be someone else, it will help your career, he said. Clark shared how being yourself can make a difference.  

“What you are doing is stepping in the room and say I’m trained I’m disciplined and I’m going to show you who I am and if who I am is best for the production you are going to choose me,” he said.

His performance will be tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. at the Hart Auditorium. Tickets for general audience are $10 and $7 with Student ID. Learn more about Bryan Terrell Clark.