Students are coming back to Rexburg this week to attend BYU-Idaho and the Academic Advising Office shared some of updates and additional resources for those making career choices this year.

“When you first start off with school, I think it is good to talk to an academic advisor,” said Becca Harrington, the peer coordinator for the Academic Advising Office at BYU-Idaho.

Harrington also recommended checking in a semester or two before a student prepares for graduation to make sure all the needed courses are fulfilled with enough time to solve a possible issue.

“Our whole purpose is to empower students to graduate, know what classes they need to take, be able to prepare for the career they want or even if they don’t know what they want to do, empowering them to know the tools that are available to them, that the campus gives to them so then they can be able to succeed,” Harrington said.

BYU-Idaho offers several classes to all students to help them decide on their future careers. One class is College Success, and the other is called Career Exploration, which focuses on helping students decide on a path based on the lifestyle they want to live in the future.

Another resource to help students plan for their future is Grad Plan. Grad Plan is an online tool students can use to plan out their classes through graduation. The program takes all the information for the degree you already have and allows students to customize when they enroll in specific classes. The program places all the required credits and allows the student to make choices on electives and foundation options. Once the outline is set, students can see their semesters laid out and can know what classes to take and when to take them.

“BYU-Idaho is made to support students and to make sure that they have connections and resources,” Harrington said.

The Academic Help Center is an additional resource utilized by the advising office. It is located in the Manwaring Center on the second floor across from the Crossroads, and they can answer simple questions regarding academic advising.