Aaron Watson

Country singer, Aaron Watson, will perform at the Idaho Falls Colonial Theater on June 30.

Watson was born and raised in Texas and has stayed close to his roots. He has been writing songs for 20 years but he said it hasn’t been until the last five years that his music has really taken off.

He said for him music is not an industry but it is a way for him to provide for his family.

Watson said he doesn’t go on the typical touring schedule because he would rather be spending time with his family than being on the road.

“We don’t do the normal tour,” Watson said. “A lot of guys go out for 6 months pretty hardcore and then they will take some time off, but I feel like we have been touring for the last 20 years. We really balance the schedule out, we all have families and as much as we love music it’s not at the top of our list of favorite things to do.”

He said for him music is not an industry but it is a way for him to provide for his family.

Watson’s album “The Underdog” was the first independent album in the history of country music to reach number one on the music charts.

After 20 years of being in this industry he said he has had a lot of great opportunities such as singing with Willy Nelson, performing at the Grand Ole Opry and getting number one singles. However, he said the best part about his career is being able to provide for his wife and three daughters.

“Being able to take care of my wife and my three kids that’s all I really ever wanted to do, being able to work hard and take care of them,” Watson said.

He said as songwriter the best compliment he could receive is when someone comes up to him and shares how much his music had an impact on their lives.

“When I have someone after a show come up to me and they tell me that my music had a huge impact on their life or help them get through a tough time, I think that’s one of the greatest compliments anyone can pay a songwriter,” Watson said.

The title of his new album “Vaquero” is the Spanish word for cowboy. Watson said he considers himself a modern-day vaquero with his worth ethic in song writing.

“What I love about the vaquero is that it’s the original cowboy,” Watson said. “It’s just about staying true to who you are, there’s tradition, and there’s work ethic. It’s about getting out there and embracing the grind, doing your job day in and day out.”

During his performance on June 30 Watson said he will be playing music from his new album and some of the fan-favorite songs like “Outta style” and “Run Wild Horses.”

“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” Watson said. “We are going to play for a couple of hours and then come hang out with the crowd afterwards. It’s a family friendly show, so its “mama approved” so people can feel comfortable bringing anyone they want.”

For ticket information you can visit idahofalls.org