Everyone on this earth has a father. That’s a fact, it’s how you got here. If you have a relationship with him is a different story. The mantle can be heavy and not everyone has the same story when it comes to knowing their fathers. The impact of a father can make all the difference in a young man or woman’s life. A father doesn’t have to be blood. You would be surprised where people can find father figures who want to give them love and support that they need.

Father’s Day is special. Just like Mother’s day, it can also be a hard day for those who have lost their fathers or have been hurt by the absent men in their own family unit. Some kids don’t even know who their fathers are. This day wasn’t made to put salt in a festering wound that plagues society. It’s a day to celebrate the men who make sacrifices for others and do what they can for those who are considered family. Just like the mother, the father has an important role. The role of a father can be displayed negatively, especially on television or movies. The father can be depicted as a goofy, simplistic man who does a lot of grunting and is bound to say something stupid. That display does not have to be reality.

In this week’s episode of the Spot, we wanted to pay tribute to our fathers and what they have done for us. We talked about how great they are and the lessons they helped us learn. Each of us have different stories and relationships. For men, we can be the fathers that we had in our own lives. If you didn’t have that influence, then you can become that man. You can change the history by staying in your family’s lives. For the woman, you can find that man

that will cherish you and raise your children alongside you as a husband should. Together you can teach your kids in an ideal setting.

There are men out there who want to be a provider and a father figure who haven’t been given the opportunity. No matter how old a man gets, he can always want to give the gift inside of his heart; fatherhood. The world can be a better place when a father (or father figure) takes care of his family.