BYU-Idaho Radio · A Devotional by Brother Steven J. and Kalleen Lund

The BYU-Idaho devotional speakers on Nov. 10 were Steven J. and Kalleen Lund. Brother Lund is the Young Men General President for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  

In the devotional, Sister Lund spoke about her ancestor’s experience joining the Church and travelling to Zion from England. Sister Lund spoke about the lessons of diligence, hard work and prayer. Her ancestor, Mary, had a companion named Ann James who helped alleviate the difficult journey. Sister Lund talked about the importance of being an “angel” for those going through trials.  

Ann James very easily could have thought to herself—I am also tired and alone—who is going to help me? But instead during the time she could have been taking rest that she needed-- she tended to someone else in dire need. You may feel tired and alone but there are others around you that could also use an Angel,” Sister Lund said.  

Brother Lund shared a few of his experiences he had in Rexburg, during his time at the Language Training Center. He spoke about the gospel enhanced learning that can be experienced at BYU-Idaho.  

You are here, irrespective of your intended outcomes, engaged with this campus and with this faculty, because you, all of you, are in pursuit of truth,” Brother Lund said. When this campus is in full locomotion, true principles are being taught in every corner. Even today, scattered by pandemic as you are, truth is on the march at BYU-Idaho. I have a testimony of the value of the truths taught here. 

BYU-Idaho Radio · An Interview with Steven J. Lund

In an interview at BYU-Idaho, Brother Lund shared why he chose to share his devotional topic.  

“Thinking about those experiences I had there… [it] was really one of the highlights of my spiritual and secular life. The stories I tell center around that, around those experiences that I had there, that I think may connect with you,” Brother Lund said 

Brother Lund also spoke about his time as the Young Men General President for the Church of Jesus Christ. He was sustained in April 2020 and adapted to fulfilling his calling with many virtual meetings.  

The reach that we have been able to affect, we’ve discovered is dramatically different, dramatically more, than any prior young men’s presidency,” Brother Lund said.