The BYU-Idaho devotional for April 27, 2021, was given by Elder Chi Hong (Sam) Wong and his wife Sister Carol Wong.  

Elder Wong’s talk was about the importance of planning, preparation and endurance especially in relationship to students at BYU-Idaho.  

 “As students, each of you are learning and plotting the course for your future…the Lord can provide you with guidance. He is especially interested in the course you are taking to the promised land,” Elder Wong said. 

Elder Wong reminded students that God can give them the light necessary to lead them and their families through the darkness in their own lives and to the promised land.  

He taught students there are 22 stones in the scriptures that can help them in planning, preparation and endurance. He compared planning to the Brother of Jared in the Book of Mormon who prepared 16 stones for the Lord to touch and light their barges. He compared preparation to the biblical story of David and Goliath where David found five smooth stones, battled Goliath and defeated him with only one.  

“If David knew God was on his side and only one stone was needed, why did he go through the trouble to choose five smooth stones?” he asked. 

Elder Wong said that, just as David, students should trust in the Lord and prepare well for their future.  

“You may use only one stone or two or three or four or even maybe all five stones, it is so advantageous to prepare as much as possible,” Elder Wong said. 

He also recognized that preparation is hard, but he gave a reminder that, in the end, Jesus Christ will make everything ok.  


“We are preparing the world for the second coming so we cannot eliminate what is coming and we know that it’s going to be hard, it’s going to be difficult…but it’s all ok if we choose to stay on the sure foundation of our Savior, Elder Wong said in an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio. 

Sister Wong gave a similar reminder regarding the difficulties of life.  

“My dear young friends if you are struggling now be patient and be faithful then one day very soon you will look back and be grateful for all the experiences and teachings you have today, she said. 

Elder and sister Wong reminded students to plan and prepare now for the future so that they can look back and be grateful for the struggles and preparations they had in the past.