There is a time in everyone’s life where they have to make the biggest decisions that can shape their futures. We have never been so connected to each other as human beings, and yet, we can feel so disconnected to what is really happening around us.

“I think it’s an interesting time in the world’s history because we have never been so connected, hyper-connected is the word that you are starting to see in research, we have never been so hyperconnected, said Nick Rammell, Title IX Coordinator at BYU-Idaho.

He shared this message at the BYU-Idaho devotional. During an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio's Virginia Henry, he made this point, “I don’t know if you feel connected. We feel disconnected almost. We have so much connection that it’s not authentic.”

Rammell is a Rexburg native who served his mission in Las Vegas. He met his wife at BYU-Idaho and graduated to then go on to get a master’s degree from the University of Arkansas, and a Juris Doctorate from the J. Reuben Clark Law School at BYU. The message Rammell really wanted to relate to the students was that making decisions now is essential for us.

“Satan knows how critical it is for us to receive guidance from heaven to all the Holy Ghost can provide, offer, comfort and bless,” he said in his interview. “He is doing everything he can to disrupt the communication.”

Rammell’s interview went hand-in-hand with his devotional address when he expressed his concerns with distractions from doing what is right.

“The adversary works to deceive and distract, diverting your focus from the covenant path,” he said. “To survive spiritually, you will need counterstrategies and proactive plans to fortify yourself and your family.”

Students felt Rammell’s testimony as he expressed how important small course corrections now will make large, even destinational differences. In Rammel’s testimony, he said, “In the coming decade, and the choices you make (or fail to make) today will directly influence the opportunities you will have in the future.”

In his closing remarks, Rammell told the students it is his hope and prayer that students will heed the quiet whisperings of the Spirit as He speaks truth to their minds and hearts as to what those small course corrections might be in store.