Tessa Wade says she never had that "ideal family" so she started Family Fortitude as a way for families to strengthen each other. "My family was divorced so I remembered when I was 13 they announced that they were getting a divorce," she said. "So I think that's probably what really started it back then."
Wade has wanted to do business all her life and felt that God had helped her get to where she is now. "It was through lots of prayers and asking him to continue to guide me," Wade said. "Also asking how is this supposed to be set up so it can help the families."

The organization she created uses courses to teach and strengthen the family, and by the end the program they become a mentor family to another family in a similar situation. "One thing I love about the business model is it's just a different approach to counselling," she said. "This is for the family to strengthen each other together and to serve others together as a family."

Wade said she hopes by the end of the year the site and the organization will be fully established the way she has envisioned. But for now she hopes that the community will learn more and want to get involved.

"Honestly, we all need each other and we need all families to be a part of it," Wade said. "We all come from different circumstances and that's what we celebrate in this organization. We celebrate our differences."