The 25th annual Taylor Chevrolet Hotrod and Classic Car Show is tomorrow at the Madison County Fairgrounds from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

David Taylor, owner of Taylor Chevrolet, said they used to do it every other year, but now they plan on doing it every year. It started out with a Corvette club 25 years ago that eventually grew to something bigger and better, he said.

The car show used to be held at the car dealership, but they moved it to the Madison County Fairgrounds because of its nice facilities, shade and convenience.

“It’s amazing what shows up every year,” he said. “A different set of cars show up every single year.”

Depending on the weather, there are usually between 120-300 vehicles. If people are interested in displaying their car, they can just show up with their vehicle at the fairground gates at 8 a.m.

Taylor Chevrolet will provide lunch for those participating in the car show. There will also be different vendors selling food for the public.

Taylor has always loved cars. He grew up in the car industry. His father and grandfather were also car dealers in Rexburg.

“My grandfather started the dealership in 1928 and we’ve been residents of Rexburg ever since,” he said. “We’ll be here until they kick us out!”

Taylor’s favorite part about working as a car dealer is the people he gets to associate and work with.

“We’ve got a great crew here and it’s just fun to come to work and mix it up and figure out how we’re going to seize the opportunities that are out there and how we’re going to solve problems for people,” he said.

When he thinks of his favorite car, he goes back to his youth. His fantasy car was a 1972 Chevelle SS. Taylor also likes the modern Corvette and thinks it’s an amazing automobile because of what it can do.

He encourages all to come out and enjoy the car show tomorrow, even if it’s only for 15 minutes.

“Come and have some fun, we enjoy doing this for the community and I think the community appreciates it,” he said.