This year marks the 20th year the Post Register will host its annual Career Fest. The event will take place Tuesday, Oct. 15 from 4 –7 p.m. and Wednesday, Oct. 16 from 8:30 a.m. - noon at the Hilton Garden Inn at 700 Lindsay Blvd. in Idaho Falls.

Dawn Giannini, the classified advertising manager at the Post Register, said the event is a positive experience every year but they have made some changes for this edition of the career fair.

“This year we’ve made it a little bit different based off of job-seeker needs, as well as advertisers,” Giannini said.

Those changes include expanding this year’s career fair to a two-day event.

Employers who participate in the annual Career Fest vary from year to year and Giannini said that’s also true for the two days of the event. Some participants will only be there for one day.

“We have a wide range. We aren’t specifically set to one type of business,” Giannini said in regards to what kinds of employers and industries will be represented at the career fair.

Giannini said in the past the event has hosted everything from trucking companies to hospitals and hotels to technology companies.

Among the companies represented at the 20th Annual Career Fest will be Idaho Steel, Melaleuca, Silver Star Communications, Teton Auto Group, Progrexion and Premier Technology Inc.

There will also be recruiters from the U.S Army, the National Guard and the Marines. Schools with representatives at the event will include the College of Eastern Idaho and the International Institute of Massage Therapy.

There will be over 20 employers at the event. In addition, the Post Register expects to have an expert there to help critique résumés. So come prepared with your résumé.

“Some of the interviewers really enjoy interviewing right there on the spot if they find someone they’re truly interested in,” she said.

Giannini also said in the past many employers have filled all their positions after the first day and ended up not coming on day two because of it.

“Dress for success and come stacked full of résumés and questions,” she said.