This summer, Rexburg is hosting a variety of activities and events for the community. Jackie Rawlins, cultural arts director for the city of Rexburg and museum curator, shared three events people need to come to and support.

The Museum of Rexburg is hosting a new exhibit called, Apollo Redux. The exhibit will be on display at the Legacy Flight Museum from June 17 – September 30. Schools can set up a time to do fieldtrips in September. It costs eight dollars a person, and each individual will receive a free ticket into the Museum of Rexburg.

At the Museum of Rexburg, people will get to see a video clip of man walking on the moon, and they’ll get to learn about the timeline of the space mission.

“You can see exactly the whole progression of that mission which we’re pretty excited about!” Rawlins said.

On July 5 and 6, everyone is encouraged to come support the youth of the community by watching them in Lion King Jr. Children ages 6-18 are spending around three hours a week practicing for this production. The Broadway musical of Lion King has extravagant costumes and face masks, and Rawlins says they want to bring that same spirit into their production.

“Let me tell you, we have people working hard late into the hour, every single night on these, and we are not doing this half way…we are not going to rest until we have the show pulled together,” she said.

The last event people should know about is the Teton Storytelling Festival happening on August 9, 10 and 11. The event is free to the public from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. 

The festival will be located on Center Street and at the Romance Theatre. Vendors and booths will be lined up along the street and people will have an opportunity to shop and enjoy the various festivities. They are looking for vendors who do art and hand goods. She encourages families to save up their money and spend it during this week on the food, crafts and arts that will be sold. If they want to participate, they are asked to contact Rawlins at the City of Rexburg, (208) 359-3020 or at

The festival will also have national storytellers coming back who will share stories from their youth.

“People need to come out to this…to be a part of this and to witness it and to experience it,” she said. “It’s the only way that you will ever know what it truly is, I cannot explain it.”

The only way the city can continue doing events like these are if people come out and support them.

“This is the year not to miss!” she said.