Students wishing to enroll in an internship should make plans early. A few internships are available each semester and students should make preparations at least a semester ahead of time by applying for a specific internship. Students are allowed only one internship experience per student. The following internships are currently being supervised by our faculty. Please direct questions about internships to the faculty member supervising the internship.

Internships for Emphasis in General Psychology

Internships for Emphasis in Industrial Organizational Psychology

I/O internships may have specific course prerequisites.

*Contact Bro. Yohan Delton:

Internships for Emphasis in Health Psychology

Health internships may have specific course prerequisites.

Possible options for Health Psychology Internships (PDF)

*Contact Bro. Robert Wright:

If a student would like to participate in an internship that is not listed, to receive credit from our department, the internship will need to be preapproved by the Department Chair and meet the criteria below:

  • Internships are electives, they are not required.
  • ONLY ONE INTERNSHIP ALLOWED PER STUDENT, PLAN WELL. If you have any intention of substituting an internship for PSYCH 485, do NOT take an internship without first obtaining substiution authorization AND paperwork from your Faculty Mentor.
  • 2 credit = 100 hours and 3 credit = 150 hours.
  • Internship must begin and conclude in the context of one semester.
  • Students must be a Junior or Senior in good standing.
  • Internship must provide student with opportunities that are directly related to the application of psychological principles.
  • Supervisor at internship must oversee student's progress.
  • While international internships are an option, they have a lengthy approval process and must be approved by BYUI VP's office.
  • Intern will be required to submit weekly reports to track progress (or similar activity that the internship supervisor deems appropriate).
  • Student may choose to pursue scholarship opportunities through the Financial Aid Office.

    *For any other internship questions OR to get the "Substitution Authorization Application" allowing PSYCH 498 students to substitute in place of PSYCH 485, please contact Sis. Kynda Roberts at