Why should you consider automotive technology?


Why major in Automotive Technology?

While the Automotive industry isn’t for everyone, it could be the perfect field for you. If you like cars and want to be a part of the ever-changing automotive world, why not pursue a career that you will enjoy? Like any good career, it will require hard work, but the rewards are great if your heart is in it.

The skills and knowledge you will gain while earning your automotive degree are in high demand. Employers are begging for qualified people who can solve problems, understand how things work, deal with people, and maintain a high level of integrity. You could be just the person they are looking for!

Why BYU-Idaho?

Other schools teach automotive classes, but BYU-Idaho can help you prepare for the most important things in your life while you prepare for your career. You will be learning in a spiritual environment where your testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ can be strengthened and you will associate with friends, roommates, and classmates who share your values.

BYU-Idaho’s automotive program is Master Automobile Service Technology (MAST) Accredited through the ASE Education Foundation. In addition to this, it is more rigorous and challenging than most other automotive programs. Every class involves hands-on experiences and students learn by diagnosing and repairing real problems on real automobiles. BYU-Idaho has highly qualified instructors and their automotive students consistently rank among the top students in the nation in skills competitions.

Bonus: the tuition at BYU-Idaho is less expensive than most universities!

What types of careers will this major prepare me for?

Just about any job that has to do with automobiles! The two-year degree is designed to prepare you for careers in independent businesses and dealerships such as:

  • Automobile technician
  • Parts specialist
  • Service advisor

The four-year degree prepares you for an even wider choice of careers including:

  • Business owner
  • Manager of a business, department, or team
  • Engineering technician (assists with development and testing of new technologies and components)
  • Automotive teacher at a high school or technical college
  • Automotive writer (magazine, news, or technical writing)
  • Racing, performance, or customization professional
  • Thousands of other opportunities

How hard will it be to find a job when I graduate?

Today’s automobiles are becoming more complex, which means that trained and up-to-date people are hard to find. If you are a hard worker and are willing to learn, employers will be fighting over you! Everyone who graduates from this program and wants a job gets one.

Where can I live when I am done with school?

There are automotive jobs in virtually every city and town in the world. Fewer people are able to maintain and repair their own vehicles than in years past. This means you should never be unemployed and you can live and work just about anywhere.

Will I make enough to support myself & my family?

Yes! Because the demand for trained professionals is high, the wages are also high. The biggest factor that will determine your pay and your success is your work ethic and dependability. If you show up to work on time every day and give 100% to your employer, you will be very valuable. President Hinckley said, “[the] world will in large measure pay you what it thinks you are worth, and your worth will increase as you gain education and proficiency in your chosen field.” This definitely applies to the automotive industry.

What types of classes will I be taking?

You will take hands-on automotive courses in all areas of the automobile such as:

  • Electricity & electronics
  • Brakes, steering & suspensions
  • Engine performance
  • Transmissions
  • Air conditioning
  • Engines
  • Diesels
  • Hybrids

Four-year students choose a minor in areas such as business management, engineering, education, computer science, and much more. In addition, everyone must take some general education classes like basic math and English. You will also have the opportunity to take religion classes. Find class lists for each of our degrees in our academic catalog.

What if I am going on a mission?

Good! When you get back, we’ll pick up right where you left off.

What is an internship?

As part of your BYU-Idaho experience, you will complete at least one internship. This is where you get a job related to the automotive industry and besides making money, you earn university credit. This gives you real-world experience and helps you build a more impressive resume. Often internship experiences lead to employment after you’ve completed school.

Do I have to buy my own tools?

YES! These tools will be a valuable asset to you for the rest of your life. Students get big discounts from almost all tool vendors, bringing the cost of the required tools down to about $1500. These tool vendors will be on campus during the first week of each semester, so it is recommended that you save up your money and wait until school starts to buy tools. Scholarship and grant funds can also be used to purchase tools. Check out our recommended tool list.

What if I am earning a different degree but want to learn more about automotive technology?

If your degree allows you to choose a minor or cluster, you can earn that minor or cluster in automotive technology. If you only have room for a few extra credits then Auto 100 or Auto 102 might be good options. These classes are for non-majors and will help you to be more informed as a car owner for the rest of your life.

Can I get a minor in automotive technology?

Yes. If you choose to major in something besides automotive technology, the next best thing you can do is minor in it! In fact, if an automotive minor compliments your major well, it will qualify you for other opportunities. If you have dreams of the corporate world within the automotive industry then a minor in automotive technology is a great way to go. Here are a few of the majors that may compliment your automotive minor well:

  • Business Management (supply chain, marketing, accounting, etc.)
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Information Systems

I am interested. How do I sign up?

If you are not already a BYU-Idaho student, begin preparing for the BYU-Idaho application process. Make sure to do it now, because the application deadlines are early! If you are already admitted to BYU-Idaho, change your major or minor by contacting the Academic Discovery office at 208-496-9885.

If you have more questions, call or come in and meet us!

Find contact information for our automotive faculty. Please email or call and arrange a visit.