ASE Certification

Automotive professionals are certified by ASE (Automotive Service Excellence). Certification is desired by employers in all sectors of the industry ranging from engineering and management to service and maintenance. To become certified, you must pass a certification exam and have two years of related work experience. If you graduate with an automotive degree, your degree will count for one of those years and you only need one additional year of work experience. If you become certified in eight areas (A1-A8), you are considered a "Certified Master Technician."

If you're not sure when to take the automotive ASE tests, download our list (PDF) of suggested times to take the ASE exams.

ASE Certification Exams:

Students are required to take certain ASE certification exams in order to graduate. Additional exams are encouraged, but optional. Please see the chart below to find out which tests are required for you major.


  • Please do not take an ASE exam until you have completed automotive course that is associated with the exam.
  • Students must register for ASE exams by going to
  • Once you have registered for one or more tests, and have been given a time window for taking them, you should call the BYUI testing center (or any other authorized testing center) and schedule a time to take the exams.
  • To receive credit toward graduation, after taking the test(s) you must bring a printout of your results for each test to the office in Austin 159.
  • If you do not receive a printout at the testing center, you can obtain one from
  • If you are still a registered student in an automotive major, you can receive a $60.00 financial award for each test you have passed. You must submit your scores to the office (Austin 159) no later than the Friday before finals week. Your financial award will post on your student account for the following semester you are on track.
Required for Graduation with These Degrees
Certification Exam Automotive Technology Advanced Vehicle Systems Automotive Engineering Technology Automotive Technology Management Qualifies for $60 Reimbursement
A1 - Engine Repair X X X
A2 - Automatic Transmission/Transaxle X X X
A3 - Manual Drive Train & Axles X X X
A4 - Suspension & Steering X X X X X
A5 - Brakes X X X X X
A6 - Electrical/Electronic Systems X X X X X
A7 - Heating & Air Conditioning X X X
A8 - Engine Performance X X X X X
A9 - Light Vehicle Diesel Engines
G1 - Auto Maintenance & Light Repair
L1 - Advanced Engine Performance
L3 - Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Specialist