Internships are required and allow students to gain industry experience as part of their training. They provide an opportunity to enhance the knowledge learned in the claassroom.

Auto 298 Automotive Internship

Prerequisite: Coordinate with Justin Miller

Twelve consecutive weeks of supervised on the job training, totaling at least 200 hours.

Required for all automotive majors. Conditions of internship are handled on an indivdual basis by department intern coordinator.

Auto 398 Automotive Management Internship

Prerequisite: Complete at least 16 credits of Automotive course work, coordinate with Troy Spratling

This is an internship experience for management training/assistant management positions in the automotive service world. Students will find and work in such a position for at least 250 hours during any semester of their choice in order to receive credit. Through this experience students will gain a better understanding of what the management side of the automotive industry is like. Students will be required to complete some forms at the start, during and at the completion of this course.

Visit the University Internship office for more information.

298 Coordinator - Josh Tollefson
Austin 161
(208) 496-7661

398 Coordinator - Troy Spratling
Austin 126
(208) 496-7663

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