Internships are required and allow students to gain industry experience as part of their training. They provide an opportunity to enhance the knowledge learned in the classroom.

Auto 298 Automotive Internship

Prerequisite: Coordinate with Josh Tollefson

This course involves at least twelve consecutive weeks of supervised automotive related work experience. Conditions of this internship are arranged on an individual basis by the students and the faculty coordinator.

Auto 398 Automotive Professional Internship

Prerequisite: Coordinate with Troy Spratling

This course is a customized internship designed to help automotive students obtain experience in the sector of the automotive industry in which they wish to obtain eventual full time employment. The internship should last at least 12 weeks. Other conditions of the internship are arranged on an individual basis by the student and the faculty coordinator for the internship.

Visit the University Internship office for more information.

298 Coordinator - Josh Tollefson
Austin 159A
(208) 496-7661

398 Coordinator - Troy Spratling
Austin 126
(208) 496-7663