About the automotive department

Department of Automotive Technology

The Automotive Program is housed in the Mark Austin Engineering and Technology building, one of the finest facilities for automotive repair education available. It includes four laboratories, each furnished with quality testing, diagnostic, and repair equipment.

The BYU-Idaho Automotive Department prepares students to enter one of the largest and far-reaching service industries that affects virtually every household. The opportunities in this field have never been better, both in the corporate world and in the retail service industry, as the complexity of the automobile removes many operations and procedures from the abilities of the do-it-yourself technician.

This results in a high demand for well trained, honest, progressive individuals, whether it be in the automotive service, technical repair, teaching or business fields. Students may enter this program during winter, spring, or fall semesters but they must be on the winter/spring or fall/winter track.

Students may earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Automotive Technology in a period of two school years with an internship in the summer between. Upon completion of the associate degree, students are qualified to enter the workforce as entry level service technicians with a strong technical background and some good hands-on experience. The program reinforces diagnostic skills by working on customer vehicles.

Many students, as they complete their Associate degree, decide to continue on with Bachelor's degree program in Automotive Technology Management. They can complete this in two additional years. Students receive a good business background in addition to their technical automotive skills.

Students graduating from this program are qualified to work in management programs for the automotive manufacturing and service industries. Many of our graduates work for Ford, General Motors, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, and others. Others work in dealerships or automotive specialty shops.

By the time a student serves their internship, they should have their own tools. Students are encouraged to bring tools with them, or they may purchase tools at a discount through the program. For those planning to serve missions, we have a few basic rental tool sets available, then tools can purchased following the mission.

For information concerning required classes for either the two year program or the four-year technology management program, see the advising tab on the left side of this page.

Welcome to an exciting, challenging, and rewarding field of study!