This encompasses the ideation process which allows you to imagine anything. There should be no restraint to ideas, anything could be a great idea that could lead you to what you what to present. It is also very important to write these ideas down so you don't forget them.​ Brainstorming is a crucial part of the presentation as it helps you bring your ideas to life and focus on your audience and what they want to hear.


After brainstorming the main points, the outlining process begins. During this process, you pick a main topic to focus on and then you brake it down into a few main points, which are then broken down into smaller segments. You then organize the main points you brainstormed into a sensible order.​​ You finish by adding the Hook, Introduction, and the Conclusion. Outlining is essential because it provides the structure of the Presentation.


When everything is prepared and written, it is then time to practice. Practicing is an essential part of the presentation preparation. Practicing allows for mistakes to be made and corrected prior to the final presentation. It is also beneficial to get feedback from others before the presenting the real thing.​ Although it may be daunting or maybe even boring, practicing will refine your presentation and will always improve your final presentation.