Sound Alliance and Vocal Union Directors

Mark Watkins

Director of Sound Alliance

Mark Watkins

Dr. Mark Watkins, who is the director of Sound Alliance, received his Baccalaureate from Brigham Young University and His Master's and Doctorate degree in five woodwind instruments from Indiana University's School of Music with secondary areas in music history and jazz studies. He has been a member of several professional ensembles including the ER Big Band, The Jazz Arts Group Big Band, The Hard-Bop Saxophone Quartet, and Swingset and has participated in numerous CD recording projects. Dr. Watkins has been an associate instructor at Indiana University, an instructor at Brigham Young University, an assistant professor of music at North Dakota State University, and is currently director of jazz studies at Brigham Young University-Idaho.


Nori Brower

Director of Vocal Union

Nori Brower is the director of Vocal Union. She is a graduate of Utah State University with a bachelor of music education in choral and general music. In addition to her assignment with Vocal Union at BYU-Idaho, Mrs. Brower teaches music theory, aural skills, and keyboard harmony. She previously taught in the publlic school system in Wyoming and Utah and has been an active participant in amateur and professional theatre.