Technical Requirements for Sinfonietta Concerts

The following information outlines the technical requirements of the BYU-I Sinfonietta. We appreciate the assistance of the facility management in providing the best your facility can offer.

Load-in: A minimum of two hours load in and set-up time is required before the house is opened.

Performance Area: A minimum performance area 45' wide x 25' deep is requested.
Chairs: 45 chairs on stage upon arrival. We will place the chairs in position for the performance.

Music Stands: We will provide our own music stands.

Podium: We will provide. We will also provide a stage block for the director to stand on.

Sound: A microphone with an on-off switch connected to a good PA system (for announcements); a microphone stand is also needed.

Lighting: Sufficient lighting for the musicians and instruments to be well lit and visible to the audience.

Walls: Walls should be of a hard material. Since drapes or curtains muffle the sound, it is better to draw them back and leave the area open to the walls. Choral shells are preferred but not required.

Storage: Two large rooms that can be locked should be provided as close to the stage area as possible for warm-up before the concert, storage of instruments, and security of personal belongings during the concert. Also, changing/dressing rooms for performers are needed with separate rooms for male and female performers.

Load-out: A maximum of one hour strike and load-out time is required.

Water: Water and cups offstage for 45 people (performers and director).