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Many people dream of a day where they walk with cap and gown through an auditorium filled with family and friends, on their way to accepting their most prized accomplishment — a college degree. But for a number of Church members throughout the world, this dream seems unachievable. Obstacles such as insufficient finances, lack of confidence, difficult college admission standards, busy schedules, and confused priorities keep them from pursuing their goals. 

So in an effort to extend a quality, Church-sponsored education to students in these circumstances and many more, BYU-Idaho has developed Pathway — a flexible, low-cost educational program that combines the convenience of taking courses online with the benefits of gathering together with other students on a regular basis. Pathway makes getting an education easier by:

  1. Reducing the Cost of Tuition
    Pathway tuition is approximately half the cost of attending BYU-Idaho on campus in Rexburg. U.S. students can get their bachelor's degree for around $8,000, and most international students pay even less.

  2. Simplifying the Application Process
    Getting into Pathway is as simple as submitting a short online application. That's right, there's nothing more to do — NO application fee, NO ACT/SAT scores, NO essays. And if a student didn't finish high school — no problem. We'll accept them without a diploma or GED.  International students are required to complete high school requirements.
  3. Providing Support
    For many students, the biggest obstacle to getting an education comes from within. Whether they are afraid, lack self-confidence, or struggle in other ways — help is available. Weekly gatherings with other Pathway students, shepherding care from Church service missionaries, and free academic tutoring are just a few of the support mechanisms built into the program.
  4. Increasing Flexibility
    A young single adult tries to find a way to balance work while going to college. A stay-at-home mom attempts to finish a degree she started long ago. No matter the circumstance, Pathway can fit nearly any schedule with its flexible, high-quality online courses.


    How Pathway is Different

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