The following components are batched in the back-end of Ingeniux's Page Builder as group 4.

Sidebar Components

Department Ad

The Department Ad component allows the user to upload a department ad to share news and events specific to that department.

University Message

The University Message Component promotes University messages across the website.

Highlighted Links

The Highlighted Links component allows users to make a list of links to other websites or resources, making it easier for visitors to find specific links.

Social Media Box

The Social Media Box component allows users to visit social media profiles from a single-click.

Important Dates

Learn how to edit the feeds of your Important Dates component on your Ingeniux's Page Builder page.


The Side-Navigation component allows users to display navigation for deeper site sections.

Contact Box

The Contact Box component provides a place to post the most important contact information for the department or administrative page. This allows users to understand who to contact for information, opposed to calling individuals from a contact page.

Action Box

The Action Box component is used to get a visitor’s attention to take action, whether it be through filling out a form, visiting an external site, or participating in a sign-up sheet.