How Your Page Appears to the Consumer (Site Name, Page Name, Title, Abstract)


Page Name: Visible to the user. URL, Navigation Menu (site navigation) and breadcrumb
About This Page: Metadata – not visible to public
Title: Page Title is visible to the user in the browser tab, page content, and if saved as a bookmark
Abstract: Brief summary, teaser, or description of page to help encourage consumers to visit. This is also the default text that is shared in social media.
Site Name: Only editable by University Relations


On webpage

Screenshot of a webpage on showing where site name, abstract, and title appear

On Google Search

Screenshot of a Google search and how abstracts appear for a webpage

How to update each field in Ingeniux:

Image of the metadata component in Ingeniux 10 with information filled out.

Advanced Tip

Google will search the following in order as they are filled out

  • Default is Abstract and Page Title
  • If you fill out the SEO Group fields, this overrides the abstract and page title for Google.
  • Browser Bar Title (shorten or be more descriptive for the title in the browser tab)
  • Meta Description (same as Abstract)

Social Media Group

  • Facebook and other platforms will share the Title and Description instead of the page’s Title and Abstract