What is Alt-Text?

Brief Overview:

"Alt-Text" is abbreviated for "Alternative Text" or text that can be used to describe an image to someone who cannot see the image on the screen. Alternative Text also allows Google and other search engines to become aware of what the images on your page consist of, and thus if an individual is searching for a specific graphic, they can find it through a search engine.

Where is the Alt-Text Field?

When uploading a photo to your Page Builder page, there is an "Alt-Text" field next to where you uploaded the photo. 

Image of the alt-text option on Ingeniux 10 webpages.

Add your Alt-text into the field next to the photo. Do your best to describe it properly without the description being too long. Those with screen-readers have to listen to whatever you write. Also, remember, if there is any text in the image, re-state ALL of the text into the alt-text field. 

Image of the alt-text field with information filled out.

Remember to:

  • Write text that briefly, yet specifically describes the image.
  • Provide a description to those who are blind as they use a screen-reader.
  • Treat it like a tweet. Keep it brief.
  •  Re-state ALL of the text into the alt-text field if there is text within the image. 


  • Writing a paragraph about the image.
  • Writing a vague description.