Metadata Tutorial


Before an Ingeniux page can be checked back into the system, one must first fill out all of the required metadata. If you are getting an error that looks like this, you need to input the metadata:

Image of a processing error message on Ingeniux 10.

What is Metadata?

Metadata is invisible to the user outside of Ingeniux, but within Ingeniux the metadata is a record of who owns the page, who is updated with emails, how often the page should be looked at/updated, what the objectives of the page are, and other important pieces of information for the Website Architects to know. Through metadata, we can understand who is or was assigned a web page, even long after they leave this University.

How to Create Metadata:

  1. Make sure you are in the editing mode tab.
  2. Check the page out to you.
  3. If you are creating a new page in Ingeniux, the metadata will already exist for the page and you will not need to create it. (Skip to step 6.)
  4. If you have an older page in Ingeniux, you will need to go to the “About This Page” option and click “create”.
    Image of the metadata information on a page in Ingeniux 10.
  5. Make sure that in “Select Type”, the option is set to “Page Metadata”. Click “create”.
  6. Several options for information about the page will open up, Such as “Owner”, “Target Audience”, etc.
  7. Fill out all options that have a black or red asterisk next to them, or a red "Required" next to them with the necessary information. Open on the side of each option the drop-down menu to make sure all required fields are filled out.Information about metadata in Ingeniux 10 tutorials.
  8. In the "Owner" field, select the "Pick" option. From the menu of owners, type in the last name of who should own the page and select them. They will then be responsible for the page.*
  9. Save your work.

*You may only select full-time employees to be owners of pages. If there is someone who is not on the list that needs to own a page, please contact Jeffrey Dunster at 208-496-2090.

Required Metadata Page Properties Definitions:


Page Name: How the page will appear in the URL, navigation bar and in the breadcrumbs.

Schema: What type of page?

ID: xIDs are the internal identification system inside of Ingeniux. Each page and folder is assigned an xID.

Assigned to: Who the page is checked out to, or who can edit the page.

About This Page: (Architects will fill out this information)

  • Owner: Who owns the page

  • Name: Their name

  • Email: Their email (This also allows Ingeniux to send them emails based on edit alerts)

  • Audit Frequency: How often a page should be viewed, (no more than a year)

  • Time to live: How long should the page be up/live?

  • Institutional Sponsor: Department

  • Objective: What are the page’s objectives?

  • Primary Measurements: How can we measure if the page is working? (This information is important so analysts can set up the proper situations to measure each page specifically.

  • Audience Target: Who are you trying to reach?

  • Stakeholders: Other owners/departments involved in the page.

  • Strategic Documentation: Are there documents about this page? On a server? Would there be someone/something to contact in case the owner left the university?

Title: How it will show on the visible/live page.
Abstract: Brief description of the page.

Filled out the form and still getting errors? Remember to:

  • Click on the drop-down menus within drop-down menus for more required fields
  • Check for each required field and drop-down selection menu