How to "Share" or "Copy/Paste" a Pre-made Component onto Multiple Pages:

For this tutorial we will be exemplifying how to do this with the Side Navigation Component.

  1. After creating the desired component in the “Design” mode, go to the “Edit Form” tab.
  2. In the “Presentation Fields” window, open the editing panel for the Side Navigation component.
  3. Click “Unembed.”
  4. A new editing panel should appear, click “Share.”
  5. Name the component something unique (like the page’s or site’s name) and then enter the xID of the page it originally was created on.
  6. The component should now appear in Ingeniux’s tree on the left-hand side of the screen under its parent page.
  7. Go to the page that you wish to have the duplicate Side-Navigation component on.
  8. Go to the “Design” mode and drag in a Side-Navigation Component to the desired area.
  9. Don’t enter in any information, select “Apply Changes” and save your work.
  10. Go to the “Presentation Fields” under the “Edit Form” tab on the new page.
  11. Select the Side-Navigation Component from the “Presentation Fields” list.
  12. Drag the pre-made component from the Ingeniux tree into the field that says “SubNavigation.”
  13. This should overwrite the component made in the new page to match the component created on the original page.
  14. Save your work and preview the page.
  15. Make sure the component is there and working on the new page.
  16. Repeat these steps for each page needing the duplicated version of the Side-Navigation Component.