Ingeniux assigns roles to each person who will be operating with and working on their assigned pages. The purpose of these assigned roles is to ease the burden of one individual having to build and update the entire webpage themselves.

The two main roles within Ingeniux are Designers and Editors.  

The Designer's task is to create the visual layout of the webpage using Page Builder drag and drop components. The Designer will add all the graphics and videos that need to be included on the page, and they will either add text from departments or leave placeholder text so the Editor in departments know where their content needs to go.  Designer roles will be limited to a small amount of trained employees in MarComm Team production areas. Please contact your MarComm representative for information about your area's current use of Page Builder or to request a conversion of your site using Page Builder. Additional ongoing training is required for Page Builder Designers regarding updates, project reviews, page deletion, web usability, layout needs, design, site redirects, ADA, and SEO.

After the Designer has constructed the visual display and layout for the page, the Editor will complete the page by including all the written content. All departments on campus will have access to their sites as Editors to update copy, photos, dates, and other content. This will allow departments to focus on strategy, creating content, and updating information at a quicker pace without ongoing required trainings.

Contact your MarComm Team representative for designer needs or help with your site.