Basic Troubleshooting

If you are continually getting errors in Ingeniux’s Page Builder, double-check through this list in case you are receiving an easily fixed, yet common error:

  1. Save your work. Sometimes changes will not appear in Ingeniux’s Page Builder until after you save your changes.
  2. Open a preview window. Often, components will not visually be correct in the editing window, open the preview window to confirm your component’s visual appearance/usability.
  3. All [Required] fields in the component are filled out completely, these fields could contain:
    1. Icons, Images
    2. Titles/Descriptions
    3. Links
    4. Colors
  4. Use a compatible Web Browser.
    1. Firefox works the best.
    2. Chrome will work 98% of the time.
    3. Don’t use Safari or Internet Explorer.