The University's website is one of our central communication tools with over 17 million visits per year.

Why Page Builder?

For some departments, can be difficult and costly to maintain and update. This is especially true for departments with little to no available programming employees.

With Ingeniux's Page Builder, making updates to content (photos, videos, text, dates) will be easier for each department, without requiring knowledge of HTML. (Learn more about access to features of Page Builder)

Page Builder will help the University's website to be more consistent, efficient and of great quality.


Icon showing a website being updated


The website will be easier to update with relevant content by more employees across campus. Page Builder makes this process faster while providing user-friendly websites, which are optimized for mobile use.

Ingeniux's Page Builder will also update various fields in the University's website. Updates include security fixes, upgrades to meet the needs of internet browsers for PC and mobile devices, branding styles, ADA compliance, SEO enhancements, usability testing, emergency communication, personalization of dynamic content for specific audiences, etc. 

Illustration of a website


A new, uniform look to the website will assist users in navigating the website successfully.

Web-programmers in the past created webpages differently from each other, causing it to be difficult to update. With the use of Page Builder, components will be found on a drag-and-drop interface, causing all components to be edited the same. With static composition, brief trainings and understanding through tutorials, all Editors will have the ability to edit the content in the components. 

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Less design and programming time is needed, thus saving the departments money and resources. Page Builder allows areas to make and update webpages in a fraction of the time. Before Page Builder, webpages typically took anywhere from 4-16 hours to complete, or longer depending on the customization. Page Builder allows us to finish the same amounts of work within 1-2 hours, depending on the complexity.

Can My Department Have Access To Ingeniux's Page Builder and What Will We Have Access To?

All departments on campus will have access to their sites to update copy, photos, dates, and other content once a page has been converted to Page Builder by a MarComm Team production area.

Designing the page and adding new sections or components is limited to MarComm Team production areas. (Additional Information)

Please contact your MarComm representative for information about your area's current use of Page Builder or to request a conversion of your site using Page Builder.