Application Process

  • Candidates apply to course-specific interest list posting(s).
  • Application information is screened to confirm online instructor eligibility requirements are met. Course fit is also assessed based on listed posting criteria.
  • The interview/evaluation consists of three assessments. Candidates must show competency in each to be eligible for online teaching. The assessments occur at any point in the process, in any order, or simultaneously. They are: 
    • Digital Interview
    • Review of materials by a content expert
    • Successful participation in a one-week online asynchronous Candidate Assessment Course (roughly 7-10 hour commitment)
  • Applicants who qualify in all three assessments are retained for future consideration as hiring needs arise.
  • Application information remains active for two years, at which point they expire. The digital interview and Candidate Assessment Course need not be repeated if future applications are submitted.

* We do not provide details or feedback regarding non-selection.

Application Deadlines

The online instructor hiring process is not typical. We collect applications several semesters in advance for potential vacancies. New instructors are not needed for every course each hiring cycle.

Candidates who do not submit materials according to the timeline below may experience additional wait time.

Semester Application Deadline
Winter (January) August 31
Spring (April) November 30
Fall (September) March 31

Application Pointers

  • When candidates submit their application, they are applying to course interest lists in preparation for anticipated future vacancies, not to fill immediate hiring needs.
  • Interest list postings may be opened or closed at any time and typically have no set hire or close date to allow for increased flexibility in meeting hiring demands.
  • Candidates may submit multiple applications. The application system will auto-populate personal, academic, and professional details in successive applications. Resume, transcript, and other documents are also available. Supplemental questions are specific to each posting.
  • Application information remains active for two years, at which point they expire.
  • All applicants must meet general instructor requirements.
  • All candidate notifications are sent via email. Applicants should adjust email settings to ensure BYU-Idaho messages are received.
  • Final hiring decisions are contingent upon obtaining an ecclesiastical endorsement which confirms good standing within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.