The Data Portal

What is the Data Portal?

The data portal is a report showing course-specific data to Online Course Councils. Data for campus counterparts of courses is included (when available) and can be viewed for recent semesters and historical trends. The following sources are currently available:

  • End-of-course evaluation scores
  • Final grade data
  • Enrollment information
  • Student demographics

Information in the portal is updated at least once per semester and does not include any personally identifiable student information. In addition to the Course Council, department chairs, college deans, and select administrators have access to the portal.

How does the Data Portal help Course Councils?

One responsibility of Course Councils is to review course data and consider opportunities to improve the course (Handbook 2.1). The data portal has been built to support the council in this role by enabling them to make data-driven improvements and evaluate the quality of instructional design and student learning in the course.

How are the different metrics calculated?

In each section header you will find a link to the “notes page” for that data set. These notes typically outline how metrics are calculated and explain which filters were used to gather the data. Many data points will also have an explanation of what the data point means and does not mean.

Please keep in mind that reports you may see across campus will sometimes use different calculations for the same metric. The notes page in the data portal can help you determine what might be causing any discrepancies between reports.Shows where the notes page is located in the data portal

What if data for my course is not what I was hoping?

Course-specific data offers great insight to Course Councils and can serve as a starting point when considering improvements. We urge you to remember that while the data found in the portal is an excellent tool, it is not the only consideration in the overall health of a course. Other data and perspectives should always be considered in tandem with the information found in the portal.

Can I share this data with others?

Although the data does not include personally identifiable information, it is considered sensitive to the university. We ask that you refrain from publicly posting or sharing this data with individuals outside of BYU-Idaho. When sharing within the university, exercise caution with data that might be sensitive.

What if I don’t want my section data to be available?

Even though information is anonymous, it may sometimes be possible to identify individual instructors and sections, such as when courses have only one or two sections. We understand that this might be uncomfortable for some instructors. Keep in mind that this data is intended to spur conversations focused on improving student success and experience, and should not be used to judge instructor performance. If you are an OCR and have concerns with this policy, contact your OCR manager. If you are a course lead, please contact your online associate dean. 

Can I give feedback?

Please do! Each page on the portal has a link through which you can provide feedback. We also welcome comments and suggestions through email at where the Send Us Feedback button is