Common RN to BSN Questions

Can I still take Nursing courses if I don't have my RN license, but am planning to get it before the semester starts?

Candidates who have not yet licensed at the time of application are encouraged to license at the first opportunity after graduation and must submit the RN license to Health Programs Outreach prior to any clinical course.

I am unable to register for Nursing 340, 449, 400, or 450...

Your emphasis must be declared as “BSN”, not "PBSN" prior to beginning clinical courses. This means that you have a current RN license. If you do not have an RN License, you will need to defer from the program until your license is obtained. If you do have your RN License, email a copy of your license to

I have an ADVI hold on my account, how do I get that off?

The ADVI or registration hold has been placed on your account due to not having required immunization/ documentation (license, CPR card) turned in or for non-compliance (ie BSN plan). Until this is corrected, the hold will remain on the account. Contact if you have any questions.

Can I do my clinical hours at the same place that I work at?

No, clinical hours are completed through projects and will not include contact with patients.

Can I get paid for my clinicals?


Can work hours count towards clinical hours?


What are the uniform requirements?

The RN to BSN uniform requirements are listed under the RN to BSN Clinical webpage under "RN to BSN Clinical Professional Dress".

How many hours are there for the project option?

All clinicals have the same number of hours required. 

I am told that I must have a badge for my clinical hours, how do I get my badge?

To receive a name badge you must email a passport-like picture (plain background & from the shoulders up) to the Health Programs Outreach Office at In the email, you must include an address for the badge to be sent.

Do I need a badge if I'm doing a project?

Yes!  With the project option, there are requirements in which you will represent BYU-I Nursing in the community. 

I can't find the Nursing courses when I try to register...

Try to search using only the number of the course code. ie. Leave everything blank and enter 316 (or whatever your course code is) in the course code search box

What if I already have a background check from work or another school, do I need to obtain one from Truscreen?

Yes. Going through our link to Truscreen is our way to verify the background check.

How do I use I-Place to track my immunizations?