Imagine managing more than 200 vehicles, and an additional 70 trailers. This heavy load is what BYU-Idaho Fleet Services handles on a daily basis.

The responsibility of Fleet Services is to take care of the vast array of vehicles on campus to meet the transportation needs of BYU-Idaho employees and students. 

Fleet Supervisor Matt Grover oversees the operations of Fleet Services to ensure that all campus vehicles are well maintained and in their best possible condition when employees and students take the wheel.  

“There is a lot of care that goes into each vehicle, we fuel them up, we vacuum, wash them so they are all clean every time they go out,” Grover said.

There are currently four, full-time automotive technicians who work under Grover to service and keep up regular maintenance of the vehicles. 

One of the technicians focuses primarily on oil changes and tires, while the other three focus on the mechanical work that needs to be done.

Fleet Services also utilize some of the 200 students enrolled in BYU-Idaho’s automotive program to accomplish the work, and give students an opportunity to gain real, hands-on experience.

“We try to get names from the automotive instructors and incorporate students in our program,” Grover said. 

Outside of internships, future automotive technicians have the possibility of working for Fleet Services part-time while in school. 

The team typically consists of anywhere from 8-12 student technicians. 

The work that students accomplish through Fleet Services can be life-changing.   

“A few months ago a position opened, which allowed a graduating student who had completed an internship with Fleet Services the opportunity to work full time,“ Grover said. “He is great, because he knows how everything goes and was hired directly after being an intern.”

Of the 200 campus-based vehicles, 40 make up what is known as the rental fleet, which includes 12-passenger vans, mini-vans, cars, and golf carts. 

In addition to regular maintenance, Fleet Services is also responsible for keeping all automobiles safe and up to date. Every 60,000 to 70,000 miles or every 10 years, the cars are traded out with newer models for replacement.

Whether it’s qualifying future leaders with real-world experience, or helping employees take their students to new horizons, Fleet Services is using all its tools to help BYU-Idaho get there.