financial aid office renovated

The financial aid office recently went through some renovations to improve customer service in their office space. Prior to the renovations, there was only one room where students could go to get help, with only one door. The room was initially set up as office space for BYU-Idaho employees, but the space was later repurposed to better improve student services and provide students with one on one help.

Before Kimball 196 opened, the financial aid office was only able to help about two students at a time with their financial aid concerns. Once the space was repurposed, approximately 14 students could be helped at a time.

Starting in the beginning of May, the office began remodeling the space to improve customer service even more. The renovations included knocking down a wall to create double doors, creating a more welcoming permanent front desk, removing computers, and creating an open lay-out floor plan with stations around the perimeter of the room.

The purpose of the renovations was to allow more ease of access to their services. They wanted to create a better student experience and provide an opportunity for students to help themselves.

According to the Associate Director of Student Relations, Joel Cook, the main purpose of the renovations was to “provide a more comfortable workspace for student customers.”

Since the renovations were completed, the office has already seen a difference in how students have received help. The open-layout floor plan allows students to come into the office feeling more comfortable and welcomed by the employees.

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