New look, new feel for I-Learn

On July 30, 2017, I-Learn will undergo a visual update. The design and layout of Brightspace's I-Learn will be simplified for a better visual organization of courses and course materials. While the look and feel of I-Learn will change, the functionality will be exactly the same, keeping the user experience familiar for instructors and students. 

"The changes are mostly aesthetic," said Arlen Wilcock, the Academic Technology Manager. "Underneath the new look and feel, the workflow is basically the same."

According to the I-Learn Update webpage, changes in this update include faster quiz creation, notification of submitted assignments, and easier management of group graded discussion boards. In the gradebook, a "save" button will remain constant in the lower left corner of the screen, even while scrolling through the gradebook. To improve visual aesthetics, icons representing the item type (Quiz, Assignment, Discussion Board, etc.) will be removed. It is highly recommended that instructors specify the title of the file type to indicate what the item is.

With the update, students and instructors can access I-Learn with their mobile devices and tablets to keep an eye on due dates, upload homework, and even take quizzes. The I-Learn Update is developed to be mobile responsive, which means that as the size of the window decreases, the content on the page will rearrange itself to fit the window. There is no need to scroll sideways to view all of the content. With all of I-Learn's content adjusting itself to smaller browser windows and screens, content can now be viewed successfully on mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers for a consistent user experience.

"Compared to the current look and feel of I-Learn, the mobile experience is much, much better," said Colin Jensen, an applied mathematics student who also works in the Faculty Technology Center.

Instructors have the opportunity to preview the update and see how their courses will look before the switch on July 30. Those interested in previewing the update should contact the Faculty Technology Center.