Steam and Condensate Lines—May to September 2017 
Construction on the sidewalk between the I-Center and the David O. McKay Library will take place through September 29 of this year. Sidewalks will be affected and pedestrians will need to plan on rerouting during this time. The construction will update existing steam and condensate lines.


Clarke Interior Remodel—June to September 2017
Construction on the Clarke Building began June 1, with plans to expand the rooms utilized by students in the Nursing Department, expand other classrooms, and replace a large cooling fan with multiple, smaller fans. These updates will also allow for more wards to meet in the building and provide greater flexibility with classroom sizes. During the reconstruction of the fan wall, airflow will be restricted to the building. 

Smith 240

Smith 240 Remodel—July to November 2017
Room 240 in the Smith Building will be reconstructed throughout the summer and into the Fall 2017 Semester. The project will result in transforming one large classroom into four classrooms with accordion walls. The four new classrooms will result in a better use of space and the addition of accordion walls will allow student wards to continue to utilize the space for church meetings. 

Austin lobby

Austin Interior Remodel—July 2017 to September 2018
Renovations to the Austin Building are scheduled to begin in July and continue through September of 2018. Interior space will be reconfigured for larger classroom spaces, which will then be able to serve the growing number of student wards on Sundays. The renovations also include plans to add AC to the automotive section of the building, creating better conditions for students working on projects in the spring semester. 

Locker room

Hart Wellness Center—July to November 2017
Construction will begin in July on the Hart Building to replace unused lockers rooms with additional space for the Wellness Center to expand its capabilities. The lockers will be removed and rooms will be added to increase the number of individuals the Wellness Center serves.

The track and field

Turf and Track Replacement—July to September 2017
This summer, the stadium turf and track will be replaced with newer surfaces due to normal wear and tear. Students, employees, and the public are invited to utilize the indoor track inside the I-Center during construction.

The Snow Building

Snow Fan Wall Replacement—July to September 2017
Construction on the Snow Building will begin after the end of spring semester, with plans to replace a large cooling fan with multiple, smaller fans. During the reconstruction of the fan wall, airflow will be restricted to the building.


I-Center Curtains and Basketball Standards—July to September 2017
Over the summer session, the I-Center courts will see some improvements when the curtains that separate the courts are replaced and basketball standards throughout the courts are updated. The courts will be closed in sections to minimize the effect of construction on court use.

Financial Office

Kimball 130 Financial Services Office Suite Remodel—July to November 2017
Several rooms in the Kimball Building will be closed from July to November of this year and temporary offices will be secured for those affected.


Campus Re-roof Project—July to September 2017
Construction efforts to re-roof the Taylor Building will begin after Education Week ends, which will replace part of the roof with copper material that is expected to perform better under extreme weather conditions.