Items at Surplus Store.

If you are in need of a computer, electronic supplies, office chairs, or even a car, the Surplus Campus Outlet Store may have what you’re looking for. The store offers employees and students a wide variety of hardware products for very affordable prices.

Opened in March 2014, the store disposes surplus items the university no longer needs, but might be of use to students and employees outside of the classroom.

“There’s a good amount of people that come in, about 25 to 30 people come in daily,” said Chris Williams, manager of the Surplus Store. “The beginning of the semester we tend to get a lot more customers. Typically, toward the middle and end of the semester it slows down.”

The store’s most frequent shoppers tend to be computer science and chemistry students, looking for items they can use for class projects.

The Surplus Store carries a wide variety of items, but computers are its best-seller. High-end computers are sold through a blind bidding process. Without seeing other people’s bids, the highest bidder gets the product. High-end computers like iMacs are put up for auction every week, allowing more students and employees to have a chance to bid throughout the year. Regularly, the store has around 100 computers available for purchase outside the bidding process. Every 30 days the computers sit on the shelf, the price goes down by 25 percent. If the item is not sold, the store can sell it for a lower price or donate it.

The store also oversees the resale of campus vehicles—from sedans to 12-passenger vans managed by BYU-Idaho Fleet Services.

“It’s still cheaper than getting new cars or buying a used one from a lot,” Williams said. “Plus, you can trust the BYU-Idaho Fleet Services has always performed the required maintenance. 

I recommend buying from the school since everything is regulated.”

Although most of the store’s inventory is stocked with basic, household products, some items on the shelf may surprise you.

“We got a dental drill from the Psychology Department, which I still don’t know why they had it, maybe they used it for lobotomy! There’s also a lot of baby mannequins available for sale. We have like thirty of those,” Williams said.

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The Surplus Store is located on the east side of the Auxiliary Services Building, just south of the Benson Building. Store hours are from 1:00  p.m. to5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.