Kelly Burgener

When Henry J. Eyring assumed his role as president of Brigham Young University-Idaho, the academic vice president position needed to be filled. On April 12, Eyring announced Kelly Burgener would fill his former position.

"It is a really interesting and exciting time to work at BYU-Idaho because we have had a string of wonderful presidents who have guided us," Burgener said. "Most recently with President Gilbert, and now with President Eyring, we have developed a mindful focus of being the very best teaching institution we can become."  

Burgener grew up in Rexburg and has lived most of his adult life here. He and his wife, Elizabeth, both have strong roots in the community and the school. Burgener began his employment at Ricks College in 1990 as an art faculty member, teaching graphic design. He directed the university's graphic services for a time while continuing to teach. He also served as the dean of Performing and Visual Arts and the associate vice president prior to his new position.  

"I am very blessed to get to work in those roles. These are great colleagues I get to work with," Burgener said. "I love the students, I love teaching, and I love working with the faculty."  

Burgener said he is excited about serving all students and helping them succeed in fulfilling President Henry B. Eyring's prophecy-that they will rise up and become natural leaders in all of their spheres of influence.  

"I just feel privileged to get to be a part of this," Burgener said. "The goal is to continue to make that prophecy a reality."