Student Records workers.

BYU-Idaho students have a new, easier, more convenient way to change their demographic information with the university. The Student Records and Registration Office launched an online, self-serve process earlier this year.

Previously, students who wanted to update their marital status, religion, birth date, name, or social security information, had to either go in person to the Student Records and Registration Office with their legal documents or email their legal documents to the school for their change approval.

Online students were affected by the previous method of demographic changes because they didn’t have the option to bring in their documents on campus. They had to email their legal documents directly to the university in order for changes to be made.

To address concerns like these, the university performed an online gap analysis about three years ago and compared the difficulties for online students with campus students concerning this manner.

The Student Records and Registration Office and other university administrators recognized the inconvenience and insecurity of the demographic change process and with the help of the IT Department, designed an easily accessible online form that allows students to change their demographic information without the hassle of going into the office. 

“We’re striving to make things as seamless and streamlined as we possibly can,” said Student Relations Manager Ben Haacke.

Since the release, the Student Records and Registration Office has noticed a significant decrease in the amount of students coming into their office to change information on their accounts. There have been over 1,812 online change requests submitted with 477 being marital status changes, 35 birth date corrections, 20 denomination changes, 427 social security corrections, and 561 name changes. 

The turn-around time for approving these requests has also improved dramatically. Before the online form, a request could take five or more days to be approved. Now, the turn-around time is typically one business day, sometimes even less. 

Each form type is less than four steps, and students can access it on their computers, smartphones, and tablets, making the process faster and more efficient.

“It’s very obvious that the student experience is the key central focus,” said Student Experience Coordinator Casey McDaniel.

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