Elder Andersen dedicates the Science and Technology Center, the Agricultural Science Center, and the Central Energy Facility.

As BYU-Idaho student enrollment continues to grow, the recently dedicated facilities will accommodate more students with hands-on experience and greater resources to further their careers. The Science and Technology Center, along with the Agricultural Science Center and the Central Energy Facility were designed to do exactly that.

At the dedication ceremony held on February 14, Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles taught from Doctrine and Covenants 64, sharing with students and faculty members that if they are willing to be obedient, they will see the difference that small acts can make.

"Just by small and simple things, great things come to pass," Andersen said. "A little bit of encouragement here. A little bit of teaching there, insightful principles here. A little bit more dedicated study by a student. A little more kindness to one another bring about wonderful things."

Students have already started to realize the difference these new facilities will make by increasing the quality of their educational experience and spiritual growth.

"I love the STC," said Matthew Bloomfield, an electrical engineering major. "This is a place where I not only grow academically, but it's a place where I can grow spiritually."

In his dedicatory prayer, Andersen blessed the facilities to further testimonies and provide a spirit of light to all who utilize them. Faculty member, Ben Romney of the Department of Applied Plant Science department agreed with Andersen's reference to light and hopes the students will feel the same way about the new facilities.

"I hope that the students who come here will recognize it," Romney said. "All these things are set up so that light becomes a constant reminder of the life of this building."

As the university continues to focus on providing students with a high-value education, Romney has hopes that students will enjoy the blessings Andersen mentioned in his dedicatory prayer.

"I really hope that they'll enjoy the experience of being here and feeling the spirit in this building," Romney said.