The new exhibit showcases the enduring characteristics of Ricks College athletics.

February 18, 2014
Writer: Clint Urick

The second phase of Legacy Hall in the Hyrum Manwaring Student Center has been completed and now showcases the important role of athletics in the history of BYU-Idaho, while highlighting the unchanging principles that continue to guide the university today.

The exhibit recognizes the rich history that athletics brought to the university and also shows that the valued principles of the university are interwoven into all its programs.

"We wanted people to understand that there are enduring characteristics at this university that transcend into every aspect of our lives. Athletics was one of the many ways to show that," said Merv Brown, managing director of University Relations.

Brown worked with a talented group of people to complete the project. Several university employees, students, alumni, and supporters contributed to the task.

"We had to comb through 100 years of Ricks College history to find names, dates, and people involved," said Arnold Thiebaud, manager of Creative Services. "We went through thousands of pages and photos, searched through hundreds of trophies, and interviewed past athletes and coaches."

The second phase took more than a year to complete due to the extensive research required to track down information, create various design concepts, and produce the final display. The end result is a beautiful product that reminds us of the fundamental qualities that athletics brought to the university.

Although intercollegiate sports are no longer part of BYU-Idaho, the values they stood for remain. The new exhibit adds to the previously completed sections of Legacy Hall honoring the people and defining characteristics associated with the university.

"Holistically, Legacy Hall is a tribute to the long-lasting principles that continue to guide BYU-Idaho," said Thiebaud.

A gallery of photos showing the installation process and the completed display is available here.