Bowling alley construction

With bowling classes removed from the course catalog, the Manwaring Student Center bowling alley is undergoing renovations in order to lose the “classroom vibe” and become a place where more students will want to gather.

“We need to turn this into an actual hang-out spot rather than leaving it with this boring classroom look,” said Auxiliary Services Managing Director Brett Cook.

Originally, the Strike Zone bowling alley was designed as a classroom to be used for bowling classes. Since they are no longer offered, “there is no better time to give the bowling alley some much needed renovation,” Cook said.

The plan is to enhance everything that is currently in the bowling alley. This includes installing new furniture, carpet, lighting, audio systems, and lasers. All the shoes and balls will also be replaced. By adding features to create an ambiance that students will want to be in, the hope is that it will become a place where students come to hang out and eat.

“Our ultimate goal for these renovations is to have a fun place to gather and socialize,” Cook said.

The east side of the bowling alley area will offer patrons a designated area to sit and eat that can only be accessed by those using the bowling alley.

Currently, the bowling alley is able to be reserved for large parties, but not many groups aside from YSA wards utilize that option.

“The space just wasn’t set up quite right for that. With the new renovations and the added eating area, we hope that more people will want to spend time here and use this space for their gatherings,” said Student Activities and Bowling Alley Supervisor Harold Rose. “I want every student to be able to come here and bowl. I feel like we will be able to give more students that opportunity by changing the way it looks, the way it feels, and the new opportunities to be able to bring parties here.”

While the bowling alley will remain open as much as possible during most of the renovation, the remodeled bowling alley is set to be completed September 10.

On September 10, 11, and 12, the bowling alley will be open to all employees and their families for free.

“We want to give people the opportunity to see and enjoy all the new renovations,” Rose said.

On September 13 and 14, the bowling alley will open for all students to use for free prior to the start of the semester.