Each semester, the BYU-Idaho Architecture and Construction Management Services Department provides stewardship over the construction, remodeling and repurposing of campus buildings to provide the best possible environment for the campus community. The construction and maintenance of campus buildings and grounds contributes to the overall mission of the university by providing a safe and beautiful atmosphere for learning to take place. Below are projects scheduled to take place during the Spring 2018 Semester. In its June issue, News & Notes will feature additional projects to take place during the Summer 2018 Session.

Austin building remodel

July 2017-July 2018: Austin Remodel

Remodeling of the Austin Building, that started last year, continues with room 105 being divided into two lab rooms. Currently, room 163 is being remodeled, and air conditioning is being added to the auto labs. The project, originally scheduled to finish in September, is now expected to be completed in July.

University Store entrance

May-June 2018: University Store

Crews are currently renovating the Think custom printing area on the north side of the store. The renovation will create a better workflow for employees and offer improved service for store customers. The renovation is projected to only take four weeks and should have minimal impact on the services offered by the University Store.

Snow building hallway

April-September 2018: Snow Carpet

Crews are currently replacing sections of carpet throughout the Snow Building and will continue to do so through the summer. Individuals should be aware of areas under renovation and plan walking routes accordingly.