The BYU-Idaho Architecture and Construction Management Services Department provides stewardship over construction, remodeling and repurposing of campus buildings to provide the best possible environment for the campus community. The construction and maintainence of campus buildings and grounds contributes to the overall mission of the university by providing a safe and beautiful atmosphere for learning to take place. Below are projects scheduled to take place during the 2018 Summer Session. Information regarding ongoing projects and those that began during the spring semester can be found at

Sidewalk Replacement: June-September

sidewalk damage

During the summer months, several sidewalks across campus that show excessive wear will be torn out and replaced. Employees and students may need to find alternate routes while these sidewalks are replaced.

Stadium Turf Replacement: July-August

BYU-Idaho stadium turf

During the summer session, crews will perform warranty repair on the turf field in BYU-Idaho stadium. Limited accessed to the stadium track will be permitted during the time it takes to make the repairs. Those wanting to utilize the outdoor track during the repair are encouraged to use the I-Center track instead. 

Taylor Maintenance: July-August

BYU-I Taylor building light fixtures

During the summer session, crews will replace light fixtures and several ceiling tiles in hallways, classrooms, and offices throughout the Taylor Building.

Ag. Science Center Maintenance: July-August

ag. science center

Crews will change light fixtures and ceiling tiles in the Agricultural Center Arena Building that were not replaced during last year’s renovations.

Benson Classroom Remodels: July-September

Benson building classroom remodel

During the summer session, crews will work to renovate rooms 233, 235, 238, and 240 in the Benson Building. The work is expected to be completed before the beginning of the Fall 2018 Semester.

Greenhouse Glass Replacement: August

Benson greenhouse

Crews will replace some of the glass in the Benson Building greenhouse to fix leaks and to help remediate weather permeability issues.

Parking Lot Maintenance: August

Hinkley parking lot to be resurfaced

The Ricks and Hinckley parking lots will be resurfaced during the summer session. Employees and students will need to plan on parking in other areas while they are resurfaced.

Ricks Elevator: August

BYU-I Ricks building elevator

The elevator in the Thomas Ricks Building will be replaced and updated during summer session.