Ceramic Lab and Parking Lot

Construction on the new ceramic lab is underway. Work has started on the lab’s utilities, footings, and foundation. Ceramic students are expected to move into the new lab in spring 2021. Work on the adjacent parking lot will be finished by October 2020.

 future ceramics lab

New Steam and Condensate Lines

Beginning in April 2020, the steam and condensate lines from the Hart Building to the Clark Building will be replaced and enlarged. These lines carry steam and its consequent condensate to and from buildings on campus from the central energy facility to heat buildings on campus. Four steam vaults in this path will be adjusted, and the updates will include new valves and controls for the lines. Additionally, while the ground is open, campus water, sewer, storm, and electrical pathways will also be improved. This project will require a few sidewalks in the area to close but are expected to open in the fall with final details completed by October 2020.

 New steam

Roof Replacements

The Lamprecht, Chapman, McKay, and Kimball buildings will each have their roofs replaced this spring. Although dates are still tentative and the project is dependent on weather, it is expected to begin in May and be completed by September 2020. This project may affect parking and sidewalk access around these buildings.

Roof replacement 

Ice Bank Projects

An ice bank system is used to cool a building by blowing air over ice. The ice is made each night when energy isn’t in high-peak usage or demand, thus saving money and energy. Ice banks are one of the many energy-saving systems BYU-Idaho uses, and the McKay and Kimball ice bank systems are showing signs of wear and losing efficiency. This spring, they will either be rebuilt or replaced entirely. Work is expected to begin in May and will conclude in August 2020.

 ice banks'

University Village

The construction at University Village continues with the creation of a community center and the renovation of stairs and its enclosures. The community center has been under construction since October 2019. Work recently began on insulation, sheet rock, windows, and exterior brick and finishes. It will be completed by fall 2020. Since the summer of 2018, stairs at University Village have been incrementally replaced. Due to current housing availability, almost half of the Spring 2020 Semester University Village residents are being relocated to Centre Square apartments. As a result, 12 stairwells will be completed this season—putting the project ahead of schedule and finishing it a year early. Construction will be completed in September 2020. 

university village

Kimball LED Lighting Upgrades

Another way BYU-Idaho conserves energy on campus is through the usage of LED lights. Many buildings have been upgraded to LED lights, and this spring, the Kimball Building will receive the same update to enjoy better light, controls, and energy conservation. Work will begin as soon as materials are received. This project will be completed before fall 2020.

Kimball lights

Campus Concrete and Asphalt Maintenance

Each summer, the university performs repairs and maintenance on its parking lots and sidewalks. Large sections of concrete and asphalt around campus will be replaced this summer including the Central Quad stairs, the BYU-Idaho Center round about, Viking Drive, and the exterior sidewalks at the Thomas E. Ricks Gardens. A new concrete design mix will be implemented this year with hopes to extend the longevity of concrete on campus. Crews will begin concrete work in May and will begin asphalt work in late July or early August when the weather is the best for asphalt work. These projects will be completed before the start of the Fall 2020 Semester.

Smith building

University Store and Express Print & Copy Remodel

The University Store and Express Print & Copy shop will be remodeled to close off the direct connection between the two spaces. On the Express Print & Copy side, the renovations will adjust the display space and service counters to better serve patrons. It will also make room for additional equipment and supplies. The bookstore portion of the project will open up the area near the front registers to allow better checkout flow during high-peak textbook purchasing times. It will also revise other display areas for efficiency during non-peak times.

MC Store

Student Health Center

The first floor of the Student Health Center is being remodeled to increase its capacity to serve more students. The remodel includes more exam rooms, an additional bathroom, and a new design for the reception desk to create more check-in spots. The project will be completed in three phases: the east side, the west side, and the lobby/reception area. Construction on the project has already begun, and it is scheduled to be completed by the start of the Fall 2020 Semester. 

health center

Off Campus Construction for Auxiliary Services Relocation

Additional space in the facilities building is needed to accommodate the growing needs of the mechanical and civil engineering programs at BYU-Idaho. The Auxiliary Services Building (ASB) will be repurposed into academic areas for these programs. The current services located in the ASB (such as Shipping & Receiving Functions and Print & Mail Services) will be relocated into a renovated building off campus: the old Christensen Auto Body building. Construction on repurposing the Christensen Auto Body building is expected to begin during the summer of 2020. The remodel is estimated to be completed in early 2021. Upon completion, construction will begin on the ASB.