Student trying the new ropes course

The core mission of BYU-Idaho is to develop disciple leaders of Jesus Christ, and while on that journey, the university expects its students to have fun as well. Starting Spring Semester 2020, the renovated ropes course will open for the BYU-Idaho community, with new features and activities filled with adrenaline, a couple drops of sweat, and fun for everyone who decides to adventure in it.

The first ropes course on campus was installed in 2009, and for the past ten years, it has been a favorite activity spot for employees, students, and guests on campus. Locals or members of the university could gather in groups and enjoy a fun and healthy adventure without having to leave campus.

Jason Thornton, Student Activities Advisor and Ropes Course Manager, shared how the idea of renovating the ropes course came to pass.

“The time was coming to make some inevitable repairs, and rather than having to reconstruct the used one, we preferred to have a new one for the student body,” Thornton said.

Jason Thornton was in charge of finding the companies that would not only understand the vision and design Activities had in mind, but could assemble the new ropes course and make it safe for anyone who would give it a try. 

With the new renovations, BYU-Idaho’s ropes course consists of multiple zip lines, a three-story ropes course, a free fall device, a brand-new giant swing, and a power pole. The ropes course is still surrounded by the lower elements that formed part of the previous ropes course. In addition, the new course will accommodate many more participants at a time.

“The old ropes course had a maximum capacity of six people on it at the same time. Now, we can have a maximum of sixty people enjoying the ropes course at the same time,” Thornton said.

Now, students and employees won’t have to organize large groups in order to participate in the ropes course.

“Before you needed a group of eight or more to make a reservation, but we are expanding that. Now from Monday to Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Saturdays all day, people can just drop in and have fun joining other large groups or do it on their own,” Thornton said.

Students and employees will be able to make a reservation for their groups as usual, by calling the Ticket Office at 208-496-3120.