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BYU-Pathway Worldwide headquarters will begin moving to Salt Lake City over the summer, but it will remain closely aligned with BYU-Idaho for the foreseeable future. President Gilbert said BYU-Pathway hopes to maintain the characteristics learned through BYU-Idaho's history, which includes maintaining the Pioneer's Heart.

"It is important that we not get ahead of the Brethren and that we allow them to provide us direction, especially during this foundational period of BYU-Pathway," Gilbert said. "We are being counseled to stay close to BYU-Idaho so that we keep the spirit that got us to where we are: modesty, frugality, and a desire to seek prophetic direction. We are also being counseled to stay close to BYU-Idaho in order to help BYU-Idaho preserve its focus on everyday students and continue to innovate in the areas of curriculum, student success, and retention."

Given this counsel, BYU-Pathway has decided to initially send only a "vanguard" company down to Salt Lake City this summer, and then wait to move the rest of its employees in the summer of 2018. The initial group will include about one third of the Pathway employees in Rexburg, including President Gilbert, JD Griffith, as well as the field operations team and a few other individuals. Those staying in "Winter Quarters"-to carry the analogy- include Jon Linford, the curriculum team, the communications team, Student Support, Pathway and Online Advising, the Online Dean of Students, and the nearly 150 student employees who support Pathway.

BYU-Pathway Worldwide will continue to operate within the 2017 BYU-Idaho budget through the end of the year. The newly created organization will propose its own 2018 budget to the Board through the normal CES budget and planning process later this year. President Gilbert will continue to work very closely with President Eyring and President's Executive Group through the transition.

"Obviously, there is still much to work through, but I have a great feeling about this in my heart," Gilbert said. "In fact, it feels like the steady, upward course we have seen so often right here at BYU-Idaho. I believe this is right for BYU-Pathway, for BYU-Idaho, and for the Church."