Bill Riggins speaking at the 2019 All Employee Conference

“Do we recognize the practical work in building Zion?” That’s what Religious Education Faculty Member Bill Riggins asked employees at the morning session of the 2019 All Employee Conference. Riggins’ message focused on the role each employee plays in establishing Zion here at BYU-Idaho.

Riggins quoted the Prophet Joseph Smith who said, “We ought to have the building up of Zion as our greatest object.”

In the scriptures, the word “Zion” has many different meanings and connotations—the most general meaning, “the pure in heart.”

Riggins cautioned that Zion will not be established in a peaceful setting and that the adversary will oppose the establishment of Zion.

The reason it is most important for all employees to work on establishing Zion in their lives and on this campus, Riggins said, “is because so many students come to BYU-Idaho endowed with the power from on high. It becomes our responsibility, then, to prepare and get experience that they may practice establishing Zion.”

Riggins used examples of happy people throughout the Book of Mormon in 2 Nephi 5:27, Alma 50:23, and 4 Nephi 1:16 for us all to emulate.

“Happy people are a Zion people,” Riggins said.

Riggins also shared the message that we must be united in creating this Zion society.

“Being one accord is a prerequisite to becoming a Zion society,” Riggins said.

To conclude his address, Riggins shared, “Hold tight to the enabling power He gives. Zion will not be built without opposition. Please, continue to strengthen your testimonies.”