Elder Royal Kennard helps BYU-Idaho student

With 21 BYU-Idaho internship missionaries currently serving around the country, BYU-Idaho students are well equipped to find an internship or a job anywhere in the country that is in harmony with their respective degree.

The internship missionaries’ responsibilities impact all students at BYU-Idaho. “They have to be ‘boots on the ground’ wherever they are located—build relationships and connections with alumni and other businesses in order for students to get internships and jobs for other students, but mainly internships,” explained Steve Dallin, alumni placement manager, who works closely with BYU-Idaho’s internship missionaries. “They are the face of the internship program in the city they live and work in. Because of what they do, they also help students who will graduate soon apply for jobs that go along with their respective degrees, so they can start their professional career as soon as they step out of Rexburg.”

Steve Dallin is the direct supervisor of Elder Royal Kennard, who this past summer replaced Paul and Cheryl Smith as the internship missionary on campus.

"We loved our mission because we had a chance to meet and help students find internships,” Paul Smith said. “We gained a testimony that experience gained through internships is one of the key ingredients in finding good employment. Our mission was an amazing experience, and we love the students at BYU-Idaho!”

Kennard’s role as the on-campus missionary is key for the whole program. He assists Dallin with communicating with the other internship missionaries, collecting their reports, and conducting the conference calls.

Elder Kennard said he was willing to serve anywhere the Lord would send him, when he found a humanitarian center in Idaho Falls that could use his assistance. Elder Sabatino, area manager for the service mission program, had other plans for him. He felt impressed to assign him to the internship office at BYU-Idaho.

Elder Kennard shared what he appreciates the most about his calling:

“I love the feeling that I am making a difference for these kids, and the Lord is using me for things I did not even know existed. He will put me in situations that are exciting and fun,” Kennard said.

Dallin expressed how blessed he has been by Elder Kennard and the other internship missionaries’ service.

“Elder Kennard is a natural leader and an industry professional. He has managerial experience, and he is great at working with the other internship missionaries. On top of that, he is a friend; we have a lot in common. He is wise and savvy enough to get the job done,” Dallin said.

While internship missionaries are spread across the county, all of them gathered in Rexburg on October 10 for the career fair. Students were encouraged to attend and take the opportunity to reach out to the missionaries directly, since they have many resources to help students get a hold of internships and job opportunities across the country.