Online Vice President John Linford recognizing his group at the all employee banquet

On Tuesday, September 11, President’s Executive Group held the annual all-employee banquet. At this banquet, the following groups were recognized for their efforts in accomplishing the university’s mission: the Institution Data and Research Teams, the Energy Management Team, the Student Success Council, the College Success Development Team, Foundations Taskforce, and the LMS/I-Learn  Conversion Team.

Executive Strategy and Planning Vice President Rob Garrett recognized the Institutional Data and Research Team for their hard work in finding more reliable information that has aided the university during decision making processes.

“I’m so grateful for a team that has navigated through these complexities,” Garrett said.

Institutional Data and Research Team:

Aaron Ball

Daniel Balls

David Fluckiger

Ben Fryar

Curtis Henrie

Laurie Milner

Chad Price

Adam Ririe

Aaron Sanns

Roy Sleight

Steve Strokes

Matt Zacherson

University Resources Vice President Jeff Morrin praised the Energy Management Team for implementing energy savings programs across campus.

“It is through your efforts that we are able to provide a low-cost way of helping these students to learn in the Lord’s way,” Morrin said.

Energy Management Team:

Kyle Williams

Steve Price

Sam Merrick

Craig Forbush

Bill Schiers

Traven Mitchell

Mike Beckstrom

Nathan Cardon

Richard Hawkins

Spencer Pena

Chase Hymas

JB Curr

Kandon Jeppesen

Michael Sterling

Student Life Vice President Amy LaBaugh paid special tribute to the Student Success Council in their efforts to increase student retention.

“This group determined that in addition to retaining students and helping them to successfully reach graduation, student success at BYU-Idaho means something fundamentally more. The definition of student success here, means graduates of BYU-Idaho will become disciples of Jesus Christ who will become leaders in their homes and the church and the community. And if you work to solve retention at that spiritual level, it is just amazing,” LaBaugh said. “As a result of their work, early indicators are already showing a two percent increase in returning sophomores.”

Student Success Council:

Jacob Adams

Phill Allred

Lauri Arensmeyer

Sam Brubaker

Rex Butterfield

Robert Chambers

Van Christman

Steve Davis

Rob Eaton

Jill Evans

Scott Galer

James Gordon

Greg Hazard

Justin Hodges

Jason Hunt

Ken Jackson

Allen Jones

Brian Memmott

Roger Nichols

Mark Orchard

Jed Rhien

Jake Romney

Greg Roselle

Reed Stoddard

Alan Young

Academic Vice President Kelly Burgener recognized two groups, those who served on the College Success Development Team and the Foundations Taskforce.

Of the College Success Development Team, Burgener said, “An important contributor to the work of student retention has been the creation of the College Success Course. [This group has] contributed to the development of the course that will now be known as GE 101 College Success… and will become a required course for all incoming freshmen beginning Spring 2019. GE 101 provides much needed knowledge and skills to new students. As a result of taking this course, students in that course returned to the university at a nine percent higher rate than students who had not taken the course.”

College Success Development Team:

Kimball Benson

Jill Evans

Scott Galer

Spencer Haacke

Greg Hazard

Allen Jones

Amy LaBaugh

Brandie Miguel

Mark Orchard

John Parker

DJ Teichert

In his comments regarding the Foundations Taskforce, Burgener said, “These individuals have generously given of their time for an important review of our foundations program. Thank you to each of the individuals who have been involved with this important, far-reaching blessing for students.”

Foundations Taskforce Members:

Mark Abel

Joseph Anderson

Matthew Anderson

Lauri Arensmeyer

Boyd Baggett

David Barrus

Robyn Bergstrom

Robert Bird

Rex Butterfield

Fernando Castro

Curtis Chandler

Van Christman

Richard Clifford

Rob Coleman

Jill Evans

John Fisher

Laurie Francis

Scott Gale

J. Hathaway

Lynda Hawkes

Steve Hunsaker

Dana Johnson

Jon Paul Johnson

Jon Klein

Nadine Luke

Les Manner

Brian Memmott

Rick Neff

Trenton Olsen

Anne Papworth

Michael Paul

Kendall Peck

Chad Price

David Pulsipher

Tom Rane

Greg Roach

Danae Romrell

Mike Sessions

Ed Sexton

Stephen Turcotte

Eric Walz

Elaine Wagner

Craig Whetten

Christopher Williams

Dwight Wray

John Zenger

As BYU-Idaho transitions to I-Learn Canvas this semester, Online Vice President John Linford recognized the Learning Management System (LMS)/I-Learn Conversion Team for their dedication in finding the best platform for students and employees.

“To this group, we would like to express sincere appreciation for the consecration and goodness of your hearts. Your work will bless many, many lives,” Linford said.

I-Learn Conversion Team:

Mike Abel

Dean Allen

Matthew Anderson

Laurie Arensmeyer

David Ashby

Aaron Ball

Daniel Balls

Brad Barson

Sandro Benitez

Don Bingham

Barry Bjork

Peter Blair

Dane Bohman

Sam Brubaker

Hyrum Conrad

Bill Crawford

Jim Croasmun

Rick Davis

Seth Deming

Rob Eaton

Rene Eborn

Clint Elison

Emilio Escalona

Jill Evans

Jon Fackrell

Joel Galbraith

Brad Garner

Dan Gordon

Kevin Green

Jerrod Guddat

Brian Haderlie

Dallas Hawkes

James Helfrich

Terri Hess

Darrel Higgins

Alan Holyoak

Brian Howard

Craig Johnson

Eric Karl

Kevin Kelley

Melanie Kennelly

Jack LaBaugh

Debra Lowe

Christopher Lowry

Elizabeth McChesney

Joshua McKinney

Joe McWilliams

Garth Miller

Corey Moore

Micah Murdock

Christy Owens

Richard Pieper

Christina Plank

Julie Quilter

Kirk Rawlings

Jed Rhien

Blaine Robertson

Becki Lyn Skidmore

Roy Sleight

Diantha Smith

Connor Spurling

Robert Stewart

Anne Stott

Dale Sturm

Mike Thueson

Caleb Trujillo

Mike Wegner

Josh Weight

Arlen Wilcock

Chase Willden

Peter Williams

Ben Wilson

Chelsey Wilson

Travis Yost

Tyson Yost

Alan Young