Health center lobby markers encouraging social distancing.

When the BYU-Idaho campus closed this spring, many construction projects were briefly put on pause. However, the worldwide pandemic only confirmed to the BYU-Idaho Health Services team that they made the right decision—well ahead of time—to plan for a remodel
of the Student Health Center in 2020.

“The construction project was truly an inspiration,” said Health Services Director Shaun Orr. “With the pandemic hitting our area, we can clearly see the wisdom in the decisions made to remodel the health center at this time.”

The most noticeable change to patrons will be the remodeled reception area.

“The newly remodeled reception area that you see when you first walk in offers an efficient and friendly environment not only to our patients but also to our employees,” Orr shared. “Overall, the new design ensures the protection of staff and patients which is truly a blessing we couldn’t predict we would need as greatly as we do now.”

Unutilized office space was redesigned and converted into new exam rooms. Now equipped with running water, these patient rooms are better prepared for infection control and can also house larger, necessary equipment.

Two of the new procedure rooms are now large enough to provide needed space to care for patients for various afflictions, from bike injuries to lesion removals and more. One exam room has been set aside for women’s health needs.

An exciting new feature includes a room set apart specifically to administer vaccinations. With more new missionaries in need of physical exams, the Student Health Center is using this room to prepare these missionaries more quickly and efficiently.

In addition to a remodel of the physical space, the health center also received an equipment upgrade. After many years of use, it was time to replace some of the health equipment. The X-ray machine, for example, broke to the point that it was unrepairable but has now been replaced with a new, state-of-the-art machine.